Friday 6 - Coiluna Crastazza
SS Schedule
Roads closed at 10:08
1st competitor start: SS4 13:08 - SS8 17:30
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Spectator zone 6
Interesting point: from the top of the hill is possible to see the START, the first turns around the lake of "Coiluna" and the next streight.
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Spectator zone 7
Pino's jump. A small jump on a very fast and narrow straight.
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Spectator zone 8
Fast right turn, interesting for the spectacle of the skids.
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Spectator zone 9
Crastazza's jump. Photographed by many, this jump is known for the spectacular long lenght travel in the air of cars.
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Spectator zone 10
Fast uphill section with a double turn. Wide visibility.
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