Saturday 7 - Monte Lerno
SS Schedule
Roads closed at 07:23
1st competitor start: SS11 10:23 - SS13 17:59
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Spectator zone 16
Scenic place within the wind farm. Visibility of the start and the first portion of the test.
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Spectator zone 17
Zone located in the plateau area of the wind farm. High visibility of turns and fast sections.
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Spectator zone 18
Junction with crossing straight.
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Spectator zone 19
Right-angle turn located at the end of the wind farm. From the same location is possibile to see another turn of the same stage.
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Spectator zone 20
Gate of the Forestry Agency crossing in a wide landscape.
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Spectator zone 21
Micky's jump. The most popular jump, has become in the years the postcard of the competition.
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Spectator zone 22
Mixed fast downhill stretch of road between vegetation and rocky outcrops.
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Spectator zone 23
Downhill stretch of road, with a series of hairpins and fast bends.
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