Anticipation is high among the protagonists of the world rally championship as well as among the fans that are keen to follow a race that is going to be nice, tough and selective as usual.
Rome - The Rally Italia Sardegna, the Italian round of the World Rally Championship organized by Automobile Club d'Italia with the necessary support of Regione Sardegna and of Eventi Turismo Sardegna, is ready for yet another edition, the eleventh to take place in Sardinia.

As happens every year, novelties have been introduced but despite some important changes, organizers tried to keep within the tracks of the solid tradition of the race. Quality of the itinerary has been once again central and thus the repetition of the stages that made this race famous worldwide, but the race has also another important aim: that of making a step towards the fans involving some of the most populated areas of the isle, such as the city of Cagliari.

As said, this is going to be achieved without turning the backbone of the race upside down as it has been quite appreciated by everyone, but rather the usual rally will be provided with an important and unique frame. The new setting has been particularly welcomed by the key players of the World Rally Championship as drivers and teams already expressed their appreciation on the race itinerary.

The new headquarters located in Alghero and the start in Cagliari - that is going to house also the first stage - will be among the most important novelties of 2014 edition of the Rally Italia Sardegna. After a decade in which Olbia and Gallura had been the fulcrum of the event, this time the axle of the race will move to the north-west of Sardinia. For the first time, Riviera del Corallo will house the world rally on the promenade of the touristic catalan town. The race kept however all its features intact as the zone of Monte Acuto will be the main location of the stages that will be integrated with the three final stages in Anglona, in the zone of Sassari and in Nurra.

The programme in brief.

Edition 2014 of the Rally Italia Sardegna, organized by Automobile Club d'Italia with the support of Regione Sardegna, will feature 372 timed kilometers split in 15 stages. The 3,50 km long shakedown will give the start to the race at 7 (GMT+2) on 5th June in Putifigari, near Alghero. The opening ceremony, will then take place during the evening in Cagliari, while the opening super stage of 1,30 km will begin at 21.08 in the harbour area, followed by the return to Alghero on autoracks.

Section one will continue on Friday 6th June with 158,60 timed kms split in 8 stages to take place in the area of Monte Acuto. The stages Terranova Nord (20,1 km), Terranova Sud (12,40 km), Coiluna (22,10 km) and Loelle (24,70 km) will be repeated twice.

Section two will take place on Saturday 7th June. It is certainly going to be the toughest of the whole race with its 158 timed kms split in 4 stages only to take place in the area of Monte Acuto. In this case the stages will be Monte Olia (19,30 km) and a "long run" version of Monte Lerno (59,70 km), both to be repeated twice.

Section three will follow on Sunday 8th on the short distance of 54,10 timed kms in Anglona, Sassari and Nurra that will house a completely new stage near the sea of Cala Flumini (12,60 km). This is going to be the final power stage that will go live on TV after the first passage on two very successful stages in the past two editions: Castelsardo (14 km) and Tergu-Osilo (14,90 km).

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