The race start and the first special stage are going to take place there and several collateral events will accompany spectators throughout the whole day on June 5th.
The rally will start from Via Roma in the heart of the town and the first special stage will be held on the area around the port, furthermore several other events are being organized throughout the whole opening day of 2014 Rally Italia Sardegna, the Italian round of the World Rally Championship, on June 5th.

The two major events of the day will be the Ceremonial Start from Via Roma and the first special stage that will take place on the area of the Port Authorities. These days several inspections and meetings have been carried out especially on the special stage route opening the event. The SS will be filmed by seven cameras all along the 1.3 km route and is going to be broadcasted live in a 50 minutes programme on Fox Channel.

The international visibility that the Rally will give to the town of Cagliari will be a precious opportunity to make known the characteristics and the uniqueness of the territory. The Organizers of the event in collaboration with the Municipality and the Chamber of Commerce of Cagliari are organizing all around the motorsport event, a series of exhibitions to attract spectators´ attention not only on the race itself but also on Sardinian excellence.

Furthermore Cagliari Municipality intends to exploit this opportunity in order to awaken the community, and in particular children and young people, on the theme of road safety, particularly important to the local government. During the days preceding the event, which will capture young people and adults attention a series of meetings will be organized and tests in the local schools with the contribution of schools and Automobile Club Italy.

The meetings provided are as follow:
- with the parents of the day nurseries and preschools children. Explain the importance of the use of the babies car seat, how it works and the appropriate use of the safety devices. "A recent international survey underlined that over the 40% of European children do not use the babies car seta and over the 50% use it in an improper way" (source A.C.I.)
- with children of elementary schools and secondary schools. The project "Kart in Town" teaches the young drivers to respect the road safety code on circuits reproducing viability.
- with young people of high schools. Meetings with famous drivers that by telling them their professional experiences will stress the importance of safety both in motorsport and everyday driving on towns roads.
- with students of the last year of high school. Explain the new young driving license holders the consequences of driving drunk, something that unfortunately happens quite often in nowadays society. Explain how to drink consciously and get at the wheel in total safety.