04/05/2014 - The Organization of the Rally Italia Sardegna in collaboration with the municipalities of Pattada, Alà dei Sardi, Bitti, Buddusò, Putifigari, Castelsardo, Tergu, Osilo, Sassari, during the Rally Italia Sardegna 2014 (the sixth round of the World rally championship for drivers and manufacturers, and in the tenth WRC anniversary edition 2004-2014 of the rally), promotes the theme "Jumping in the Dust" with a series of events linked to the rally, the promotion of the territory and its traditions.

"Jumping in the Dust" is an event to reward the crews that will show through the longest jumps in special stages like Coiluna-Castrazza (Alà dei Sardi), Loelle (Buddusò), and in the most spectacular jumps in stages of Putifigari (shakedown) and Monte Lerno (Micky's jump-Pattada), and in the best skids in the stage of Coiluna- Castrazza" (bend Janna Renosa-Bitti), Castelsardo (bend of the elephant) Tergu-Osilo (quadrivio-Tergu and bend "del Popolo"-Osilo).

The events will take place in ten areas crossed by the Rally Italia Sardegna Rally above, that have marked the history of the island´s rally by inserting some new features on the track.
The idea comes first with the desire to develop some distinctive aspects that made famous stages as Coiluna/Castrazza, Loelle, Monte Lerno, Tergu-Osilo, Castelsardo and focusing on the two stages of this edition, as the shakedown of Putifigari and the power stage of Cala Flumini.

Also we try to combine their magnificence with the traditions and the beauty of the Sardinian territory, creating a commercial international spot through the prizes that will be awarded to each winning crew. The ultimate target of the initiative is certainly promoting the Sardinian territory and its traditions and show, to FIA and WRC promoter GmbH, the interest of the Islanders for the WRC event that from 2004 host the Italian round of the World Rally Championship.
In the arrival ceremony there will be a Prize-giving with sardinan tipical souvenirs offered by the local mayors to the drivers winners of the trophy "Jumping in the Dust" in each special stage of the rally.