Tiziano Siviero mapped out the route of this year edition of Rally Italia Sardegna. The two times World Champion reveals the secrets of this race that for the tenth time is included in the World Rally Championship.

What is the philosophy of the 2014 route?

"The philosophy is that of showing that here too can be taken decisions on the route that ‘hit the headline´ in order to attract Media, sponsors and spectators interest.
Lot has been said on the long special stages of Mexico and Argentina, or of the super special stages opening the best rallies of the World Rally Championship. These can be done in Sardinia too, so we prepared a route that should ‘attract attention´ mainly on these two points. Experts comments after the race will tell us if our efforts met expectations, so far I believe that the first objective, that´s talking about our race, has been hit".

This year´s innovations and the ambitious route presented by Italy have been chosen in order to guarantee a place for our country in the World Rally Championship?

"Several times our race has been on the edge to get out from WRC, now we´ll see if this year´s changes will modify the situation. The good results of this race will include several factors, but from my point of view at least we´ve reacted proposing something new and arousing curiosity".

The SS in Cagliari is demanding on the organizational point of view, how will it be prepared?

"We are working to prepare it in the best possible way. The Cagliari project is very important for our credibility. It´s going to be something never seen before in Italy: skidding, jumps, sprints arrivals, car services before and after the stage, spectators meeting the drivers, all this at night and broadcasted live, on a track located between the pier hosting pleasure boats and the arches of street Roma, the fanciest area of Cagliari. I´d say it´s quite a bet. We did everything to make it appealing and personally I´m confident on a good result. Cagliari is a beautiful town with a lively night life, we should get people warmth and enthusiasm".

The long stage is another important bet. How difficult it´s been to prepare it putting together people and means to assemble this project proposed so far only in Argentina?

"Well is going to be challenging. I would have liked to make it 80 km long, the maximum length allowed by regulations (Sardinia is one of the few European countries where it´s technically possible), but in order to avoid controversy we´ve decided to for a 60 km long stage. There will be approximately 500 Marshals all along the stage route, this data I believe gives the idea on how demanding is this project. It´s a beautiful stage to drive, it´s the best a driver can ask from a special stage".

In your opinion what will be the decisive stage of the rally?

"Obviously the long one, which will keep results uncertain till Saturday evening. Anyway drivers should pay attention also to the Sunday´s stages, shorter but not less demanding. Then there´s the Power Stage that has a route recalling the ‘old Costa Smeralda Rally´, it won´t be easy to interpret it even for the top drivers, is going to interesting to watch it and see what happens!"