26/05/2014 - The Norwegian Citroen´s driver Mads Ostberg withdrew from the final day in Argentina when his thumb was caught by his steering wheel, sent spinning after he drove over a rock. "My thumb is doing well" Ostberg told

"I went to see a specialist in Oslo and they found nothing special, it seems to be a small fracture, but nothing to worry about. They said it would take two to three weeks to heal. It´s progressing the way it should and it will be perfect again for Sardegna - so I´m not worried". With no pre-event test before Rally Italia Sardegna starts on 5 June, Ostberg will have an additional week to get back to full fitness. "We did our Sardegna testing in April before Rally Argentina" he explained. "So I´m just working on pace notes and training at home. My confidence is good. It´s a rally I like and the test we did was very positive. I´ve been looking forward to it for a long time".

Since Argentina, Mads has also been kept busy as a contestant on the Norwegian TV show, ‘Celebrity Masterchef´. The 26 year-old already has good form in the kitchen, having won a round of the TV show ‘Come dine with me´ in 2013. "I can´t say much about it, because the contest is still going, but it´s a big challenge" he said. "Okay, I have some types of food that I really enjoy to cook, and I can do many different meals, but here you don´t know what you are doing until the clock starts ticking. Who knows, if I get the chance I might try and cook the team something in Sardinia."