02/06/2014 - Mikko Hirvonen was testing his Msport´s Ford Fiesta Wrc in Sardinia in the last week end. «We had a good test pre event, I´m happy with the car - sayed the finnish driver -. We worked on the dampers and the car now is ok for the rally. I´m confident, we had a good pace in the last couple of rallies, in Argentina I made a mistake myself. So I believe we can have a good result in Sardinia».

Do you think this year the Rally Italia Sardegna could be more difficult than in the past?

«I really don´t know, the stages are in the similar area, so it does not change so much. The long stage it´s sure will be very tough, but even the first day on Friday when will be tough because we´ll have a the remote service in the middle, and if you do a mistake and you break something the rally is basically finished. So also first day will be very important, and another aspect will be the tyres in the long stage if it will be very warm. And the tyres in my opinion could be very important also in the last day».

You always had good results in Sardinia, which is your target this year?

«At least the podium, there will be so many drivers here fighting for that, but I think if everything is going well we could also fight for the win».

Do you think Volkswagen drivers are more favourites than the others?

«If you look at the performances they have done, and who´s be winning in the last 9 events I think they are the favourites, but we´ll try to change it as soon as possible».

(photo courtesy of Daniele Carta)