Car #1 - S. Ogier / J. Ingrassia: "I could not do very good lines but hopefully I did not lose too much. I pushed a lot. It is quite narrow in many places, not in this one".

Car #2 - J. M. Latvala / M. Anttila: "I do not know in this one but I do not have the best feeling, that is the way it is".

Car #9 - A. Mikkelsen / O. Floene: "Everything´s OK. We are in a bit of a hurry, but all is fine".

Car #4 - M. Ostberg / J. Andersson: "It is not so bad, I am trying to. They are faster, so I have to do my best".

Car #7 T. Neuville / N. Gilsoul: "No more drama, I do my best, I do everything I can as we want to see where we are compared to the rest. The car is fine".

Car #6 E. Evans / D. Barritt: "It has been OK for us, maybe we have been too conservative at first. Compare to where we have been driving before this is better".

Car #21 - M. Prokop / J. Tomanek: "It is still OK but I am losing a bit, we have to get more focus in the second loop. For tomorrow we hope it will be better".

Car #16 - H. Solberg / L. Minor: "I can go faster but I did my best, I am quite happy I have been struggling with the brakes but now I am in a much better place".

Car #10 - R. Kubica / M. Szczepaniak: "It is a long day, difficult conditions, we try to stay on the road driving fast but without taking too many risks".

Car #12 - K. Al Qassimi / Patterson: "I had a problem to the left tire in one of the corners I heard a big noise, but it looks fine".

Car #20 H. Paddon / J. Kennard: "For a first time in the rally, this is one of the most challenging I have done. It is very very hard to find the right balance. Tomorrow is gonna be very slippery but let's focus on today".